Richard Wilson

I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and grew up near London.

I grew up listening to the Beatles, sixties folk music and learned to play guitar with a Singing Cowboy songbook!

The emergence of Punk and New Wave in the late 1970's prompted me to get serious on the guitar, write songs and form band.

Ironically I started my performing career as a bass player and lead singer for many years.

Playing in pubs and the university circuit toughened up my performance and songwriting chops in those heady post Punk days!

I have been influenced by a wide range of music -primarily: blues, soul and gospel .

Muddy Waters , Clarence Gatemouth Brown ,Dinah Washington, Aretha Franklin and Sister Rosetta Tharpe are all in there.

There is also a jazz and swing feel in there with Cab Calloway , Les Paul and Bobby Darin.

For vocal inspiration Perry Como and Bobby Darin are paramount.

In summary : if you like the smoothness of Bobby Darin with the blues shuffles of Howling Wolf and a little gospel, tinged with jazz overtones - this is for you - an all original genre!

Working in the recording industry selling equipment for many years would eventually bring me to the USA.

I now live in Memphis - the spiritual home of blues and gospel.

I perform live every week -  releasing original albums every year.

This great city definitely helps my creativity and I am blessed to be surrounded by such great musicians.

Finally - check out my book  Writings-Volume One” (CLICK HERE to see on Amazon)

-an examination of my songwriting and song lyrics.


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