"Sweet Caress" is a grooving blues and jazz EP of original compositions.
You can hear the echoes of Howling Wolf , Curtis Mayfield,Bobby Darin as well as the Hammond organ grooves of Jimmy Smith.

Recorded live using analog open reel tape at Electraphonic Recording and Dynamic Score Records in Memphis,TN.
Richard Wilson is now based in Memphis,TN and the influences of this city is imbued in the compositions.



All original smooth blues and gospel: if you like the smoothness of Bobby Darin with the blues shuffles of Howling Wolf and a little gospel, tinged with jazz overtones - this is for you - an all original genre!

Drawing from swinging blues , gospel and jazz influences - you can hear the echoes of Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters , Magic Sam , Les Paul ,Mose Allison , The Staple Singers , Curtis Mayfield and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.
Richard Wilson is now based in Memphis,TN and the influences of this city are imbued in the compositions.


RICHARD WILSON -Made In America - Volume 1

This album came off the back of 100 songs all written over a 4 year period.
Environment definitely played a big part in the conception of this album - having lived in California and Arizona for 20 years playing all kinds of juke joints and bars.
Roots blues , gospel and country are in my DNA and vinyl record collection : Hank Williams,Buck Owens,Muddy Waters and Pee Wee Crayton to name a few.
They all end up in my writing too.
The arrangements and production are very simple and "old school" for this album: basically vocals, guitar and drums cut live with minimal overdubs.

RICHARD WILSON -Made In America - Volume 2

This album is the companion album to "Made In America-Volume 1" - and comes off the back of 100 songs written in a 4 year period.
Having lived for 20 years in California and Arizona - playing many juke joints and bars- environment played a big part in the conception of this album.
Roots blues, gospel and country is in my DNA - artists such as Howling Wolf,Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Buck Owens seep into my songwriting.
The arrangements and production of this album are very simple - just cut live with guitar ,vocals and drums - with minimal overdubs.


"Nothing To Lose"  continues (like the previous release "Different Drum') in a swinging jazz / blues/ folk direction.
The all original compositions draw on the swinging blues influences of: Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters , Magic Sam , Les Paul , Cab Calloway ,Mose Allison and the other Chess and Sun Records recordings of the 1950's.

The album was cut live in the studio with minimal overdubs.

Featuring just me on guitar and vocals -and drums played by James Chapman.

RICHARD WILSON -Different Drum

"Different Drum"  moves in a swinging jazz / blues/ folk direction.

The album draws on the influences of Les Paul , Cab Calloway ,Mose Allison and Be Bop rhythms of the 50's.
However there is also a strong folk element present - as this music is truly original and hard to pigeon hole into one genre.

The lyrical content is a continuum from earlier albums and explores the spectrum of human emotion.

Augmented by drums and bass on several tracks, this album is played with energy and passion and was cut live in the studio, in an "old school " manner.

RICHARD WILSON -Something To Say

The final CD in the trilogy of albums exploring the spectrum of human emotion.

Stylistically this CD gives a nod to British folk and British acoustic music in general.


The lyrical theme follows an examination of contemporary life and all the thoughts and emotions we deal with.
This is the second in the trilogy of albums - the first one being : "Its Never Too Late" .
The arrangements are simple and acoustic - with the track "Foreign Lands" constructed of multi-tracked dulcimer and 3 part harmony vocals.
Different guitar tunings, capos and time signatures are used to elicit different moods too.
Its for you to enjoy and start the journey!

RICHARD WILSON -Its Never Too Late

This is the first in a trilogy of acoustic guitar and vocal albums.

The melodies will carry you away on a lyrical journey of self expression and contemplation.
Just to mix it up - there are a couple of electronic atmospheric tunes which will achieve the same effect.

It's for you to discover!

RICHARD WILSON -House Still Burning Down

The album title “House Still Burning Down” is a nod to the Hendrix track “House Burning Down” from "Electric Ladyland" , written at the time of the Watts riots and the Civil Rights era in the US in the 1960’s.

My ten songs cover sociological themes of current issues - everything from corporate scandals in “The New Civil War” and “The Nodding Sycophants” to ethical questions and inequality.

You could call it a modern folk album -as there are so many parallels with the 1960’s and the same sociological issues we face today, forty years later.

As well as questioning where the world is going – there are songs of hope and self analysis – and the optimism of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

On certain songs,there is more of a soundscape and /or electronic approach in production, to convey the mood.

On others , there is the intimate simplicity of just a vocal and an acoustic guitar.

RICHARD WILSON- Spirit In Your Soul

Essentially "Spirit In Your Soul" is about keeping it real in an unreal world.

The subject matter is a personal journey that examines fame and integrity in a material world.

Ambient and world music loops carry the songs which feature electric and acoustic guitars, as well as atmospheric keyboard textures redolent of David Sylvian.

RICHARD WILSON -The Amazing Pudding

This album uses contemporary loops and grooves fused with acoustic and heavy electric guitars.

AC/DC meets 70's disco? - Maybe not but certainly some of the tracks would not be out of place on the dance floor either.

The tracks are completed with smooth British vocals that recall everyone from John Lennon to Al Stewart.

The subject matter covers everything from relationships to ideological indoctrination by the mass media!

RICHARD WILSON -Legacy 1981-1998

"Legacy 1981-98" is a retrospective look at the various bands ,vocalists and collaborators that I worked with along the way.

This album encompasses the diverse influences of post-Punk British New Wave , 1980's pop, acoustic soul, and even 1990's UK Acid Jazz.


"Boulevard" is a dreamy and introspective pop album.

I co-wrote 3 of the songs with Sophia Forrester who added her soulful influences.

Keyboards , percussion , clarinet and sax augment the arrangements.

It so hard to pigeonhole the style - but probably the nearest to "the Richard Wilson vibe" , would be Stephen Duffy from The Lilac Time ( a semi famous 80's pop band in England) and maybe Nick Heyward of Haircut 100 fame.

With Sophia's influence there are elements of Tracey Chapman and Joan Armatrading.

This album also pre-dates India Arie and Dido by about 8 years and is now available for the first time on CD.